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Constant flow of prints~

This year I made the decision to make, and sell, prints of my photography and illustration! I found that Snapfish, a web/phone based print creation program, makes pretty decent prints and the deal I'm participating in is not bad at all~ I ship in a new batch of 100-ish prints per month and get them ready for sale!

One of the big "unique" things I do is draw with ink on the prints themselves.

We live in an age of "anyone can take a photo", my response being "not everyone can make art". So, in hopes of separating myself from the multitudes of beautiful photography out in the world today, I've added a personal touch. I use sharpie marker, which ages in the most interesting metallic gloss, and outline 'blocks' of colour or preexisting lines. Some have said it looks like stained glass or cell shading style of illustration.

So far I have a handful of prints, some inked some just-the-print, available for sale through Etsy here on my website and on Etsy propper -> www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByPhotomentation

I even have some of my prints for sale on the FANTASTIC makers display at the Riverwalk Cafe in Nashua, NH.

Check 'em out!

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