I am a Wix Partner: is my preferred online website builder and hosting platform. It uses an easy drag-and-drop format and includes many many wix-provided and outside "aps" to expand on the basics. As I've been using their platform to create websites for others, they've granted me status of "Wix Partner", or expert on their website design functions.

If you need more information on who they are, their own site is very informative and I would recommend reading up on it, as well.

 My Clients

How much does Wix cost?

I'll send you to the Premium Plans page on their website. It has a breakdown of costs by plan and you can choose to pay for multiple years, only pay monthly, or not pay at all. In order to remove the Wix advertisements from your website, the second tier "Combo" plan is the least expensive option, and to have your own domain name, not the one provided, their lowest plan would work. However, some things like online stores require a premium plan to function correctly. There are also other costs associated, like optional apps that have "premium" features if you choose to opt into them but, what you want to spend on Wix itself is up to you!


I will never choose or activate a plan or app for you that has a cost associated with it. I tend to opt for the free-to-use apps out of my own preference, but I will be happy to discuss the options available and give recommendations.

The costs associated with your Wix subscription are not included in the cost of my services.

Do you work with SquareSpace? WordPress?


It might take a bit of time, as I am less familiar with other platforms and builders, but I am sure I would be just as successful!  I am actively seeking a project with one of these platforms so we can work together to learn their products! WordPress as some basic templates available for free, but SquareSpace requires a subscription off the bat (though sometimes a free trial is available).

Ok, I've read about Wix.

How do we start?

First, we'll have a conversation about what you'd like this website to be about: a resume, an online shop or business, a portfolio with galleries, a blog, etc. We'll talk cost, time, pages, and general ideas for design.


Second, I'll need you to create an account with the wix. This will be the account that you'll use to manage the website once it is complete and pay (optional) for the subscription and extras.


Third, we have two ways to get the website itself started:

A. I can create the website on my account, add you as Admin*, and transfer ownership of the website to your account once complete, or

B. We can use your account and add me as an Admin, instead.

- Either way works for me, both options are just as easy! Whatever makes you comfortable. -


Fourth, we solidify our ideas by doing the basic set up together; find a template** you like as a starting point to work off of, add in your website info, and have you look around the editor and see how it works.


Fifth, I'll take over and get started.


Contact Me Today.


*Admins have access to editing the website, but cannot change payment and account information. Payment info is usually our last step so there is little harm in sharing your wix account, or mine, with each other during the creation process.


**Templates are how I normally start in on a website, so having you pick one that speaks to you is my preference. But, I'd be happy to do this for you if you'd rather be more hands-off.

How much do you charge?


I'd be happy to work with your ideas to create a quote.  Keep in mind the final cost will be subject to adjustments if more time or work than expected is needed.

A Simple Landing Page: one big scrolling page with different sections (about, contact).

The Basics: individual pages for home, about, and contact.

Beyond the Basics: major site parts like a Store or Custom Order page. 

As a Contractor: I'll keep tabs on my time and the work that goes into the project and we'll work out the cost together.

Do you provide pictures and text-content?

Generally, No.
But Wix and other platforms offer free-to-use images that I will incorporate to complete the design.

Whatever content or text you would like on your website, past what is offered by the platform, comes from you!  Once we've mapped out where text and images will go, you'll send me the content via Google Docs, email, or something similar.

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