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Learning by Doing

Since 2015, I’ve delivered first-rate design and consultation services. Whether you’re looking for an artistic eye to lead the website design process or advice about an extensive design revamp, I’m the go-to source for all your visual needs.

I’m a learn-as-I-go Website Designer and Visual Artist with wide-ranging skills and experience. I’ve always been results-oriented, and work to satisfy both myself and my clients by bringing their visions to life.


Owner, Lead Designer

Low-key Consultations

High Quality Advice

Creating a website can be daunting without the right knowledge or plan of attack.  Though the world of DIY web design grows daily, having a helping hand lead the way can let you focus on the things that matter; connecting with clients, honing your work, sharing your story, and even enjoying your free time. 


Take some of the weight off your shoulders and let me help you on this creative journey.

As a small business owner, myself, I love helping small businesses create a space for brand identity and sharing their story and services.  I do my best to be low stress - I am on your schedule!  I work a wonderful nine-to-five as a legal secretary and usually have hours of time to work on my own projects (your projects). 

I focus on using these DIY website building platforms so what we design can continue to grow with you, even after we've completed our work together.  These platforms are designed for the beginner and can be customized and changed to fit your needs.

I am a Wix Partner - Pioneer and have published six websites using their platform as of October, 2020. boasts a grand portfolio of aps, available add-ons, and customizable features within its easy drag-and-drop format.  If you need more information on who they are, their own site is very informative and I would recommend reading up on it, as well. 


I have also worked with for my own online store (creators of the square card reader products),, and  If you have a project in mind using a different platform and wouldn't mind a little learning together as we go, I'd gladly take on that opportunity.

To get started, please fill out a consultation form.

I will reach out as soon as possible!


My Clients

I’ve worked with individuals and businesses throughout the North East and elsewhere. Check out some of the valued clients I’ve been privileged to work with, and get in touch regarding your own design needs.

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