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Matt Norris, a renown New England photographer and good friend,  teamed up with me to make a website that better suits his needs as a fast-growing portrait photography business.

This site includes a main service summary page and corresponding service pages with easy-to-read options lists, full screen image sliders, and teaser galleries good measure.

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Owned and Operated by Katherine Antobenedetto.  She and I put together a new home for her jewelry and custom orders. She makes accessories for a bride and her bridesmaids, custom pieces to go with any outfit, and all kinds of whimsy and fun.



This local Attorney needed assistance in making a website to provide information about his office, his practice, and his experience. Though not looking to advertise actively, a simple three page online CV did the trick.

This website was made using the Wix ADI instead of the normal editor to allow future assistants and the Attorney to easily edit the website on their own.

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Under Construction

Owned and Operated by Amanda Twaddle.  She has been making jewelry since the early 1990s and needed an easier marketplace to sell pieces and offer services. We are in the process of transferring listing information and taking shiney new photos of her work.

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